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…Because as a Los Angeles Radio DJ describes it “Tijuana Bullfight is a healthy dose of – Girth Rock with a side of Volume”.


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Tijuana Bullfight are slowly creating a community for fans Grunge and Punk. Influenced by early Nirvana, Soundgarden, STP and Failure, they want to introduce you to a new level of both genres by adding some Southern California flavor on it, creating their own California Grunge Punk (SoCal Sludge).

If you like big guitars and thunderous drums with slashing riffs or chugging rhythms this is must have for your collection. Tijuana Bullfight might have you throwing on some old jeans, slipping on a pair of VANS or Doc Martens and tying that flannel around your waist. Its the perfect music to blast in the car on the way to a concert or party.

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