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KLOS DJ Frazer Smith – “Tijuana Bullfight – is a healthy dose of Girth Rock with a side of Volume.”

Skope.com – “Southern California by Tijuana bullfight is a must have and in a class by itself.”

Gigband.com – “..full throttle guitar action and flowing vocals that will remind you of a cross between Stone Temple Pilots and Jane’s Addiction..”

RocknRoll View – “Tijuana Bullfight – the best in California Sludge!”

Blasting on to the Southern California Hard Rock Scene, Tijuana Bullfight’s self-titled debut gained traction and garnered them a nomination of the “Independent Rock Album of the year” at the 14th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. Since inception, they have slowly created a community for fans of Heavy Alt/Rock, Grunge and Punk.

Influenced by early Seattle sounds of Nirvana, Soundgarden, along with being rabid fans classic ICONS Black Sabbath and Metallica, the band combine Psychedelic Vocals with Punk harmonies and fuse it to a Subterranean Heavy wall of sound including slashing riffs, chugging rhythms and drums tuned to a thunderous low.

Two successful USA tours, highlighted the diversity in styles and genres of the trio, had the band sharing the stage with the Almighty FIREBALL MINISTRY, heavy California trio KYNG, Dirty Groove Rockers CROBOT and powerhouse WARNER DRIVE to mention a few. Recently the band expanded it’s fan base by completing a headlining tour into Mexico.

If you have had some experience in a MOSH PIT and like BIG FAT guitars with with vocals to bang your head to, then this is a must have for your collection. Tijuana Bullfight might have you celebrating by throwing on some old jeans, slipping on your favorite pair of VANS or Doc Martens and tying that flannel around your waist. Its the perfect music to blast in the car on the way to a concert or party.

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